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Planet Coaster is a game that seems to have bottled a feeling of pure joy and tied a game. There is a contagious level of happiness that seems to radiate from the soundtrack, the atmosphere, the guests, the walks, and so on.

But have you ever looked at your park and just wanted a little more control over it? Has there ever been a roller coaster that looks good but doesn't work? Ever wanted to drive one of your karts? This and more are options that use some of the tricks of Planet Coaster. Here is a guide to each cheat code in the game:


I'm sure we all, at some point, looked at a Planet Coaster kart track and had a strong desire to initiate this action. Well, just rename the "BOLLARD" go-kart track and take a ride whenever you want, entering first person view! The kart can be controlled W A S D, with SHIFT activating the horn. I mean, you will certainly have an unfair advantage over other guests considering you designed the course, but they don't need to know, do you?


If you have a favorite guest who goes through your Kart course, you can always give them the advantage. Rename the guest in question to "ANDY CHAPPELL" before joining the kart and they will have a noticeable increase in speed compared to colleagues. Create your race at high speed, giving all riders this bonus if you wish! Just know that whatever happens, Andy Chappell will win. (And you lose, you understand the joke)


Do you think criminal activity is a bit subdued in the game? Spice things up with the "LOCKETTMAN" trick! This activates the physics of these chase encounters, allowing guests to fly absolutely when they come in contact with the security guard. Just rename a security guard "LOCKETTMAN" and wait until someone inevitably violates the law.


Or, if you don't necessarily want to wait for someone to break the law to see the LOCKETTMAN cheater in action, you can go ahead and push your park a little overboard. This cheater greatly increases the rate of abuse in your park. We recommend that you have many security guards before activating this scam, but once done, you'll see some fantastic Benny Hill-style activities throughout your park. Simply rename a "DAVID GETLEY" team member and get ready to start the chaos.


Your roller coaster is almost there. But it is not extreme enough. The good news is that this is a solvable problem. Activating this cheater slightly reduces the roller coaster friction, allowing your roller coasters to reach higher speeds and probably making some guests much sicker in the process.

Don't worry, if you're satisfying the "young adult" demographics in the game, they love the most extreme roller coasters, so this is really helpful depending on how you're advertising your park. Just rename a guest "JAMES TAYLOR" to enable.


Well, now it's getting out of control. Less friction is one thing, but no friction? Get ready for some really crazy rides. Renaming an "ANDY FLETCHER" guest completely removes mountain friction, which means you probably won't have to worry about whether your ride is viable or not; will probably work. There are some serious possibilities for absolute rides with this trick activated.


While I see the charm of the previous tricks, this is not what I understand unless you are making a funny video. MCLINTHE's make-up ensures that every guest in your park starts vomiting on the spot. We advise you to have a real army of janitors around and ready to start work, because the park will be a complete disaster after a few seconds. To activate this trick, just rename a store "MCLINTHE" and watch the magic happen.


Do you just want to take a walk in the park from a guest's perspective, but have control all the time? You can absolutely do it! Turning on TEGIDCAM makeup does just that, allowing you to walk through your park at your own pace, watching everything you would like to see, setting up everything you would like to drive, and so on! In my opinion, this trick is absolutely fantastic; I can spend hours walking through the park, having fun spending time. Just rename a guest or "TEGIDCAM" team member and take a tour!

Find all the shops and prices of Game Code to download and play Planet Coaster at the best price. Save time and money: compare CD key stores Activate the Planet Coaster CD key on your Steam client to download the game and play in multiplayer mode. Planet Coaster offers new emotions, fireworks and new customization options for all players in the FREE summer update. Fireworks are a new explosive way to customize parks, design epic fireworks with the new Display Sequencer, activate them along with other park events and even choreograph them with personalized music! Not only that, new to Planet Coaster: new rides, new roller coasters, posters with images and videos, new scenarios, driving sequencer, painted wooden supports and new scenarios!

Planet Coaster - The future of Russian park simulation games has arrived! Surprise, delight and excite incredible crowds as you build your empire in the roller coaster park - let your imagination run wild and share your success with the world. means Construction piece by piece: Planet Coaster makes everyone a designer. Create routes, build scenarios, customize rides and make your entire park personal with individual construction and over a thousand unique building components.

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Landscape sculpture: play with nature and reshape the earth under your feet. Sculpt the landscape to raise mountains, form lakes, dig caves and even build islands in the sky, then weave the roller coaster across the park above the ground and below.

Total authenticity: recreate your favorite toys or leave the real world at the door. Regardless of how you like to play, the most realistic races and the most realistic reactions of your guests make Planet Coaster the most authentic simulation of all time.

Advanced simulation: the simulation of the deepest park in the history of the game rewards your skills and makes management fun. Check out every aspect of your guest experience and watch the world of Planet Coaster react to your choices in an instant.

A living world: every guest in the park is an expressive individual who thinks, feels and explores his park with his own interests and desires. Together, guests of Planet Coaster will let you know quickly how your park works. Park management: you are the boss with accessible controls that make management fun. Test your skills in a campaign of creative scenarios or simply build for fun and change your parks to surprise, delight and excite your guests.

Community building: Planet Coaster connects rollercoaster fanatics and creators from around the world to the hub of the Steam Workshop community. Swap landscapes, roller coasters and even entire parks with other players and add the world's wildest creations to your park. Be inspired: discover new contents every day from the best roller coaster creators in the world. Browse and download content from your favorite creators or choose from the latest designs selected by the Planet Coaster developer team. Share your creativity: whether it's a magnificent ice cream parlor or the most exciting roller coaster in the world, build it, give it a name and share it with the planet. Join a community of creators and watch their projects appear in parks around the world.

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A few weeks before the release of Planet Coaster, Alpha Coaster was closed - an advantage for those who bought the "Early Bird Edition" game - Jonny Watts of Frontier Developments is scolding his team. Instead of working to eliminate the bugs in the complex system of finding the path of the game, or to ensure that the small details of the flat (prefabricated) rides were correct, they were riding roller coasters and theme parks. Some of them had been trying for days, obsessively cutting their creations using tools like environmental distortion and roller coaster editing that wouldn't even have been alpha.

Deadlines or not, what is the best way to show a game of a group of people who can't stop playing it? At the very least, there was a lot to show on press day. There are wonderfully complex roller coasters that slide effortlessly down the mountain slopes and other rides and smooth pirate themed parks made of carefully placed wooden barrels and caged skeletons. The most surprising is the roller coaster that revolves around a huge tree in the middle of a park, a product of the careful positioning of the paths and environmental pre-production tools in the game.

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These are just a taste of what is possible in Planet Coaster. As a spiritual successor to RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 developed by Frontier - a sequel to RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 by former Frontier employee Chris Sawyer Tycoon 2, Planet Coaster is adequately deep; A strategic sim strategy for those who love clowns because of the conflict. The goal is to build a theme park, opening paths, shops and rides and giving visitors places to stand up for them. Parks need to be fun, but cleverly designed to earn as much money as possible from customers.

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Everything is based on the first principle that customers have a specific amount of money in their pockets, which they use to buy park admission, hamburgers with food stalls and horse riding. Planet Coaster does not come close to this. If there are 50 people in the park, there will be 50 people rendered on the screen, each with their own wishes, needs and stocks of money. Success is about intelligent design. Sure, you can do some laps and some routes and earn some money. But putting the best attractions at the back of the park to bring guests to gift shops or restrooms near a very peaceful journey can give you a boost: these are the specialized techniques that make a Blackpool beach a pleasure resort in Walt Disney World.

This is the kind of thing that Watts wakes up in the morning. Although he spends almost every day playing roller coasters and theme parks, Watts is a fan of theme parks; A super fan who took his family on a tour of almost every major theme park in the world. "My kids love me," he says, before talking about his two favorite roller coasters in the world: the Grand National in Blackpool Pleasure Beach, a mobius roller coaster built in 1935 and Shambhala: Expedición al Himalaya, a Hyper coaster in the park Spanish of PortAventura, with a height difference of 78 meters and speeds up to 83 km / h. Watts even maintains a photo of the roller coaster as a backdrop on his iPhone.

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Since the game consists of easy controls and a bit of challenging play, it is essential that players apply more tips and tricks. Here are some important tips and tricks that all users should know

We all know the Kombat 11 deadly game, however, it is also our duty to write about the game's information. Planet Coaster is developed by NetherRealm Studios, where it is published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The fatal blow and blow Krushing are the new game features introduced in this game. The fatal blow is on a single move that creates big damage, even if it will be available only when the health of the player will be less than 30%. There is a lot to discuss about the deadly kombat 11, however, we can not write more because the blog is focused on downloading the game. Paying $ 59.99 could make your game installed on any device. Anyway, you can download the Planet Coaster digital code from here for free.

"When we created Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, we worked with a guy named John Wardley who built Nemesis and Oblivion [from Alton Towers]. One of the things he taught me was that every time people lined up, he made sure always the line was near where people were riding roller coasters so that they could learn to use the harness of "nerdicity" designers to put into play ".

And challenged I am. With each visitor to the park being screened and receiving some form of AI to guide them along the routes and in and out of the rides, the development team has created an extremely sophisticated route localization algorithm to prevent the park from descending in chaos.

All visitors also have unique tastes, some prefer the sweet ride of a Ferris wheel, while others want to experience the paralyzing thrills of a true roller coaster. Even while decorating the park and what themes you are using, so far only the "Pirate" and "Roller coaster" themes have been announced.

Bollard - User Controllable Karts: Vroom vroom! Race your own tracks with this awesome trick! How to activate: Rename the go-kart track to "BOLLARD" and select the first person camera mode of one of the karts. You can use the W A S D keys to drive the kart (don't forget to blow the SHIFT horn!).

Andy Chappell: Increases Go-Kart Speed for a Designated Guest Get out of this guy! This speed demon wants victory! How to enable: Rename a guest at "ANDY CHAPPELL" before starting the race, so that particular guest's kart will be faster.

This means that users must earn more and more resources. The simplest and easiest way to win gems and coins is to read more stories and chapters in the game.

Lockettman: Activates security guard physics Impressed with the roller coaster for in the game? Let your security guard do the same with park guests with this trick. How to Activate: Rename a security guard in "LOCKETTMAN" to activate physics that will cause guests to fly when struck by the security guard during a criminal chase.

David Getley - Increase unbelieving spawning rate Broken banks, chasing criminals, unhappy guests ... Disturbances are getting out of hand! How to activate: Rename a team member in "DAVID GETLEY" to increase the percentage of spawning misunderstandings in your park. Do you think you are up for the challenge?

James Taylor - Low Mountain Friction Let your roller coasters get a little faster with this trick - for science, of course. How to activate: Rename a guest in "JAMES TAYLOR" to reduce mountain friction a bit.

Andy Fletcher - No Friction in the Mountains For stunning action, use this trick to remove friction from the ALTOGETHER roller coaster! How to enable: Rename a guest in "ANDY FLETCHER" to completely remove mountain friction.

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McLinthe - Spewing bug ... "I shouldn't have taken this Cosmic Cow Shake before leaving for the tour ...! Chief Beef is causing me pain!" How to activate: Rename a store in "MCLINTHE" so that all your guests think of the "vomited" thought and make errant customers vomit on the spot ... better use some detergents for that!

Steve Wilkins - Increase Failure Rate of All Tours Make sure you have enough mechanics when trying this! How to enable: Rename a team member in "STEVE WILKINS" to increase the failure rate of all tours. You will not notice anything immediately from this, but if a round already has a chance to break, that rate will be increased even more.

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